The Critics mission, is to hunt down great food and give praise where due. To reward those restaurants who are providing the public with great service, fresh produce and a reasonable price.The best restaurants out there will be advertised under the "Critics choice" section, making it easy for you to select a restaurant with the confidence that if it's a "Critics choice" restaurant it has the seal of approval and will satisfy the most discerning customer. 

For the restaurants who churn out fast, frozen, stale food, beware as you shall be named and shamed. 

Only restaurants who are deemed worthy by the critic, will be allowed to advertise on the Critics Bite website. That means that even if a restaurant offered a million dollars to advertise, they would not be allowed, guaranteeing that if you see a restaurant advertising on Critics Bite, you know it meets a very high standard. 

Over a lifetime, the Critic has travelled the four corners of the world, experiencing some amazing culinary adventures.