The Critics mission, is to hunt down great food and give praise where due. To reward those restaurants who are providing the public with great service, fresh produce and a reasonable price.The best restaurants out there will be advertised under the "Critics choice" section, making it easy for you to select a restaurant with the confidence that if it's a "Critics choice" restaurant it has the seal of approval and will satisfy the most discerning customer.

Only restaurants who are deemed worthy by the critic, will be allowed to advertise on the Critics Bite website. That means that even if a restaurant offered a million dollars to advertise, they would not be allowed, guaranteeing that if you see a restaurant advertising on Critics Bite, you know it meets a very high standard.

We all know the regular websites that provide us with reports and blogs on anything from hotels to restaurants these days. But what are we actually reading and who can we trust? We regularly see reviews of restaurants that show 4 or 5 people saying it was great and then one individual who says it was terrible. How are we meant to interpret that information. If you were the owner of a restaurant, it would be the easiest thing in the world to write a glowing review about your own restaurant, equally a competitor restaurant can write a terrible review, even if the food is great!

There is no standardisation in the reviews we read and the opinions are subjective at best and misleading at worst. Critics bite has eliminated this problem, by being the only site that ONE individual reviews and compiles a structured impartial report of each restaurant. Do they have rats in the kitchen, are they cooking with rat? And I don't mean ratatouille. Is your lamb curry, lamb or beef? Are your "fresh" Scampi bites, Scampi or processed mixed white fish? Is your authentic Indian curry lovingly prepared, or scooped out of a tin? And you had better hope there really isn't a "Toad" in that hole!

If you don't think that sort of thing happens, think again unfortunately.

How many food programs are on tv showing critics being welcomed into a restaurant like royalty and then being served a plate of food that regular customers look at in envy. It is unrealistic to be given a specially prepared meal that does not represent the normal standard the restaurant serves and then to get the meal for free because they want a good review. Being anonymous allows the critic to see what the really standard of the restaurant is, without the fake effort and bribery.

Unfortunately there are restaurants out there that all to frequently treat customers like idiots and almost take offence to being questioned. Well that all stops with the Critic, because they don't know who to take offence at!

Every restaurant shown on Critics Bite, will have been visited and reviewed by the Critic and only the Critic. Once a restaurant has been reviewed, it will be placed in either the “Restaurant” or the “Critics Choice” section. 

All the restaurants will be judged by the same standardised review criteria.

Restaurants placed in the general “Restaurant” section, will have been randomly reviewed by the Critic and will be displayed with either a green or red Critics face. 

If a restaurant receives a “green” face, it means that the restaurant meets the Critics standard and while not necessarily recommended, is good enough to eat at.

However, if a restaurant receives a “red” face, that means the establishment has not met the minimum standard that the Critic expects. This could be purely down to the quality of food, cleanliness, service, price or a combination of.

Any restaurant receiving a “red” review is entitled to contact Critics Bite and request feedback as to why they received a poor review. The Critic will not enter into an argument or consider changing the review outcome, however if the individual restaurant chooses to act on the feedback and make improvements, the restaurant can request the Critic to revisit their establishment for another review. 

If the areas, which resulted in a poor review, have been improved, the Critics Bite review will be changed to reflect that.

For a restaurant to be placed in the prestigious “Critics Choice” section, they will either have to have been reviewed already or request that the Critic visits the establishment. If the restaurant meets the high standard required by the Critic, they will be contacted after the review process and given further instructions on how to advertise on Critics Bite. Those select restaurants will have a full write up provided by the Critic and special requests will be accommodated where possible.

I have seen the great fall and the weak pick themselves up from the ashes, so all establishments will be expected to maintain their standards and hopefully improve on them. Just because you received a “green” face review or are lucky enough to be part of the “Critics Choice” select few, do not sit back and relax, strive to take the next step, make the next improvement, because the great can always fall and the Critic will be there to document it if you do!